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When you lose an employee or grow your business, your duties increase, leaving you less time to recruit good talent. Rushing the process can lead to costly turnover and long term frustration. Let Gray8Link handle your recruiting and make sure you have the right fit from the beginning. Gray8Link can provide services from  simply reviewing your current practices and making suggestions, to full direct hire recruitment, where you'll receive the final candidates who are ready to work. Our process is designed to find the best fit for your open position, and we guarantee it. 

Below are a few examples of how G8L can assist you with recruiting and staffing:

  • Job Posting
  • Aggressive talent search (headhunting)
  • Resume Review and Selection
  • Interviews (phone, video, in-person)
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Background Check
  • Reference Checks

Other services, are available upon request.  

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Staff Evaluation and Review:

Tired of turnover? Sometimes you do have the wrong person for the job, but sometimes you may have the right person stuck to the wrong job description. 

Gray8Link can evaluate your team, and let you know where adjustments could be made in staffing, or job duties. We can evaluate your team by performing behavioral assessments, individual interviews, and a group leader assimilation. This process will show if everyone is truly on the same page. 

Once an evaluation has been made, G8L will work with management to develop an action plan to make necessary adjustments. 

Sales Team Analysis:

Managing a sales team is an entire business in itself. If you are not moving product, or selling services, it may cause you to jump from one marketing project to the next, burn through salespeople, and lead to buying business. G8L’s sales team analysis utilizes the knowledge of experienced sales leaders to help you set up a successful sales team, and drive revenue to your business.

Sample Analysis Steps:

  • Measure of Daily Time Spent
  • Activity vs. Sales
  • Sales Specific Behavioral Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Lead Development Study

Once the analysis is complete, G8L can provide training, coaching and a daily activity report for existing salespeople, or/and assist management in recruiting a new sales team.